Escaping Addiction: Portraits of Hope and Restoration



In this hard bound, 108 page book, 47 people reveal their personal stories of recovery and dramatically changed lives through the work of the Betel community.  Betel has communities in more than 100 cities in 25 countries.  Relationships are restored, drugs kicked for good. New lives with steady jobs are launched.  Ruin and despair changes to hope and restoration.

These testimonies will lead and inspire you to experience freedom and a better life through the love and healing of Jesus Christ.  You’ll experience compassion for these people, for yourself, and for those you know who struggle similarly. As this compassion and empathy rise, you’ll notice hope rising as well.





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Escaping Addiction: Portraits of Hope and Restoration

Escaping Addiction features black and white fine art photographs and gripping stories of transformed lives that have been restored from addictions and homelessness. Read how ordinary people found hope amidst disastrous circumstances, dealing with crime, violence, drugs, prison, and prostitution.  Meet men and women whose addictions brought pain, disarray, and unending drama that completely devastated their relationships with family and friends. Be inspired by these amazing stories of restoration and healing.

Virginia-based photographer/author Christina Showalter dreamed of compiling a book sharing these true stories that point to a way out of the dreadful throes of addiction.  Their stories demonstrate that it’s not only possible to live free from addictions but also to flourish as well — and help others reach the same freedom. Along with moving interviews, she shares photographs of ordinary people who have found extraordinary healing and hope.

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What people are saying…


It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Betel in the North East of England. It has been amazing to see the transformation in the lives of hundreds of men and women who have come and found a home, a community to belong to and meaningful employment. Betel helps them move from lives of despair with addictions to finding hope and a positive future, from dependency to lives of hope and self-sufficiency. Betel is a unique ministry providing the very best recovery to the most needy in our communities. Congratulations to Kent, Mary Alice and the whole team.  You are seeing miracles every day.  -Sir Peter Vardy, Chairman, Vardy Foundation


“This is a book that will make you cry and fill you with hope! The stories, along with the photography, paint such a vivid picture of change that you are left with a deep certainty that Jesus is able to utterly transform lives. With personal stories, great illustrations, and practical truths this book will stir your passion for Jesus and heart for the broken.”  -Rachel Hickson, Heartcry for Change


“The stories recorded in this book are remarkable. I have heard many of these transformation stories through the years. However I have not just heard the stories, I have witnessed the power and reality of living testimonies of totally transformed lives. This book now gives us all an opportunity to recognize that God is still performing miracles today.”  -Stuart Bell Senior Pastor Alive Church Lincoln, UK & Team Leader- Ground Level Network


Christina has wonderfully compiled story after story of shattered, hopeless lives redeemed by the power and love of Jesus Christ.  The stories are so encouraging and faith building and even though many of us were never quite in the same situations, it clearly reminds us of what Jesus did in our lives and continues to do for all who will surrender to Him.  -Dick Blackwell, founding pastor of Grace Covenant Church of Harrisonburg

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